We transform
how the world
sees your school.

Build enrollment.
Enhance retention.
Inspire alumni and donors.

We are Ovus & Ater

We’re a one-of-a-kind firm designing breakthrough brand and enrollment strategies for remarkable schools.

Boarding, Experiential, Independent, International, Lab, LD, Private, Progressive, Public, Religious, Transitional, and Vocational schools. Preschool, Primary, Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Post-Secondary schools. With school clients across 25 states and counting.

An academy is an academy is an academy. 

Think differently about school categories

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Why Ovus Ater
for your PK-12?

Because your school is now competing with the rising cost of college.

Because retention is the new recruiting.

Because you can’t compete on humble.

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Why Ovus & Ater
for your college?

Unlike firms who specialize in colleges and universities, we partner with schools at every grade level. With client schools in 25 states and counting, we understand your college’s future students better than anyone else. We know how they think today and how they will make buying decisions tomorrow. 

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