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Ovus Ater, an educational consulting firm, helps schools grow by increasing enrollment and enhancing retention.

Since its founding in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2001, Ovus Ater has closely collaborated with Catholic, Christian, Independent, International, Private, Progressive, Public, and Transitional schools in more than 20 states.

Tell your story.

Jack F.


Managing Director

John "Jack" Foley is Managing Director at Ovus Ater. Jack is responsible for overall leadership of Ovus Ater, a national Thought Leader in Educational Consulting. Before co-founding Ovus Ater in 2001, Jack was a Director at Sapient, an international advertising agency.

Cheri M.


Client Operations Officer

Cheri Mehigan is the Client Operations Officer at Ovus Ater. Cheri is responsible for managing day-to-day client needs, as well as employee development. Before joining Ovus Ater in 2012, Cheri led program operations and delivery in diverse academic and corporate environments.

  • Ovus Ater designs multi-channel advertising to promote and position your school in the minds of those select audiences who matter most to your mission.
  • Ovus Ater effectively positions your school in the minds of those audiences who matter most to your mission. The positioning of your Brand is foundational to Ovus Ater’s work with your school and clearly and succinctly answers the question that every student and family has on the tip of their tongue: "Why You?"
  • Ovus Ater designs and implements actionable Enrollment Strategies that intentionally build on the elements of your Brand Strategy to empower your Admissions team to differentiate your school in the minds of potential students and families.
  • Ovus Ater designs Logos that reflect your school’s Brand Strategy and differentiate its positioning in the minds of those select audiences who matter most to your mission.
  • Ovus Ater partners with your school-wide Admissions Management leadership or program-specific leadership to more effectively position your school in the minds of select audiences. From potential undergraduate students in a prioritized region or state to potential graduate students in a particular industry, your school will become a clearer choice.
  • Ovus Ater partners with your senior leadership team and Board to source, identify, and recruit new Admissions leadership for your school. Unlike any other search and placement firm in the United States, Ovus Ater specializes in Admissions professionals.
  • Ovus Ater partners with your senior leadership team to articulate a Vision Statement for your school that excites faculty, staff, students, student families, and donors. This Vision directly informs the design of a highly actionable Strategic Plan, typically consisting of the following areas of emphasis:
    • The Vision
    • Academics
    • Athletics
    • Financial Snapshot
    • Advancement
    • Admissions
    • Marketing and Communications
    • The Competitors
    • The People
    • The Culture
    • The Resources
    • Accreditation
    • The Risks
  • Ovus Ater scripts, films, edits, and produces 30-second to 5-minute web videos or "stories". A web story can inspire a potential parent to pick-up the phone and call your Admissions office or (as importantly) encourage a current parent to feel more confident in their decision to stay at your school.

Ovus Ater prioritizes discretion and will not publicize client schools. A comprehensive client list is available by request.

In addition to international schools, Ovus Ater has collaborated with diverse schools in the following states:

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