The Early College of Boston




Formerly known as Fontbonne Academy, Fontbonne ( is a regionally iconic, all-girl Catholic college prep school in Massachusetts. Despite their enviable history, they found themselves competing in an increasingly crowded and noisy landscape of private, independent, progressive, and public high schools.



In 10 weeks, Ovus & Ater designed a Brand Strategy that traveled Fontbonne from the ‘academy’ category to a new category that better aligned with their Head of School’s vision and their unique capabilities and culture. Fontbonne Academy became Fontbonne, The Early College of Boston. This strategy not only clearly positioned Fontbonne in the minds of potential students and donors - ‘What is an Early College?’ became a popular search within the Boston private school market - it also immediately repositioned their primary competitors.



Ovus & Ater designed a new Logo for digital and signage applications.

Ovus & Ater produced provocative web stories, video ads, and image ads that shared the remarkable stories of Fontbonne’s students and alumnae.

Ovus & Ater facilitated an SEO initiative to maximize ‘early college’ search rankings.

Ovus & Ater coached faculty, staff, parents, and alumnae to more effectively evangelize this new chapter in Fontbonne’s great story.

Ovus & Ater developed and implemented an actionable Enrollment Plan to refocus and re-energize Fontbonne’s recruiting efforts.