He Will



South Kent School (www.SouthKentSchool.org) is an all-boy boarding school in Connecticut. Competing against other highly regarded boarding schools, South Kent was too often (mis)perceived as a school for just the athletically-inclined student, or for young men who would not thrive at academically challenging high schools.



During a 10-week period, Ovus & Ater contemporized the Logo and designed and introduced a new Tagline that boldly predicted the outcome of a South Kent education for every young man - He Will. These two words are both a promise to parents and students and a challenge to each young man. After college, he will win the Pulitzer Prize. He will broker peace in a warring country. He will medal in the Summer Olympics. He will headline the fight for Civil Rights on the front page. He will star in one of the most groundbreaking television series in history. He will emcee the concert that defines a generation. He will captain an iconic basketball franchise back to glory. He will be a loyal brother, loving son, giving partner, devoted husband, and adoring father. He is a South Kent man. No matter his journey, He Will.


Ovus & Ater produced web stories that share the remarkable stories of South Kent’s students and faculty.

Ovus & Ater created brand stories describing the unique journey of a South Kent student, and the attributes and skills he would discover and acquire along his path. These stories are featured throughout South Kent’s platforms.

Ovus & Ater partnered with school leaders to design a booklet to promote the School to college admissions offices who might have an antiquated understanding of the benefits South Kent provides its students.

Ovus & Ater coached faculty, staff, and Trustees on how to effectively communicate He Will. to friends and colleagues not associated with the School.

Ovus & Ater advised South Kent on how to most effectively incorporate the He Will. positioning across its new website.