A Revolution in Learning


Formerly known as Minuteman Vocational-Technical High School, Minuteman (www.Minuteman.org) is a high school outside Boston, Massachusetts. Minuteman was long regarded as the area vocational or ‘voke’ high school. In some circles, this category carried a stigma as a school for students who lacked promise or direction. Minuteman was seeking to clarify and elevate its positioning in the eyes of member towns and their residents in order to (1) grow enrollment and (2) win approval for a $145 million campus-wide renovation.



During a 20-week period, Ovus & Ater designed a Brand Strategy that retired ‘Vocational’ from Minuteman’s name. This adaptation gave potential students permission among friends and families to more openly consider the School as a choice. Additionally, playing on the School’s name and its association with Massachusetts and American history, Ovus & Ater created and introduced a new Tagline, A Revolution in Learning. Minuteman’s new campus is scheduled to open in Fall 2019.



Ovus & Ater refined and contemporized Minuteman’s Logo.

Ovus & Ater introduced the new strategy on behalf of the school during a freshman orientation event for incoming students and their families.

Ovus & Ater developed and implemented an Admissions Plan.

Ovus & Ater also conceived a Brand Architecture that extended Minuteman’s brand into other categories of education (Minuteman Continuing Education and Minuteman Technical Institute).