Dare to


A legendary boarding school on a historic campus with alumni that include moon- walking astronauts and DeLorean-driving actors, Darrow (www.DarrowSchool.org) teaches 9th Grade through PG students from across the world. With boarding schools across the United States increasingly competing with traditional private day schools - as well as the rising cost of post-secondary education - Darrow was seeking to clearly and persuasively describe what makes them different from schools within both categories.



In 10 weeks, Ovus & Ater designed a Brand Strategy that identified and highlighted the distinct attribute that Darrow cultivates: Whether an entrepreneur, astronaut, actor, leader, filmmaker, radio host, teacher, or jazz musician, Darrow alumni dare to explore when others retreat; dare to speak when others remain silent; dare to give more when others turn their backs. Darrow’s enduring gift to every student is the agency to pursue a purpose greater than themselves. We dare, and our daring can move the world. Ovus & Ater designed and introduced a new tagline – Dare To – and standardized a naming convention – The Darrow School. Additionally, Ovus & Ater created a descriptor to elevate Darrow above the traditional college prep sub- category, reframing it as Inspiring College-Bound Students Since 1932.


Ovus & Ater designed a new school seal.

Ovus & Ater produced web stories and image ads that share the remarkable stories of Darrow’s students and faculty.

Ovus & Ater created brand stories describing the trajectory of a Darrow student. These stories are featured throughout Darrow’s platforms.

Ovus & Ater coached faculty, staff, and Trustees on how to effectively communicate Dare To to friends and colleagues unfamiliar with the School.

Ovus & Ater program managed the redesign of its website.