Analytics are a commodity. Almost every graduate school has the same access to the same data about the same population of potential students. In short, data by itself offers nothing more than parity.

There is something else to consider, too - something unique to today’s generation of graduate students.

Today’s students not only want to participate in and lead innovative and translational research, they want to believe that what they are doing ultimately matters. In addition to new knowledge, real-world experiences, diverse tools, and adaptable skills, they also seek meaning and purpose.

So what can you do?  You need to tell the story of how your Master’s and Doctoral programs will change the lives of your potential students and the lives and trajectories of those people and communities who matter most to them.

And you need to tell them right now.


Ovus & Ater designs and implements integrated Enrollment Plans to build awareness, inspire word of mouth, directly encourage interest and commitment among current and potential students, and align your school and program’s internal stakeholders.


Program Positioning

The brand of your Master’s or Doctoral programs is a place in the mind of a potential student. You can choose the place you want your programs to own or you can hope your programs end up in the right place incidentally and accidentally. They won’t.

Ovus & Ater partners with your leadership team to strategically identify and intentionally select the distinct place you want your programs to own in the minds of potential students, and then we plant your flag there.


Program Naming

If you can spare the time, stop reading this page for a moment and visit the websites of two graduate schools or programs against which you compete.

Note how many of your school’s programs have identical or near-identical names to their school’s programs. Read more closely. Even the supporting descriptions of the programs are similar enough that it is difficult to tell them apart.

Leveraging your programs’ new positioning, your competitive set, program-specific industry best practices and new thinking, and stakeholder input from across your school, Ovus & Ater designs and embeds the purpose and uniqueness of your programs into their naming.


Optimizing Online Platforms

Many graduate schools or programs have limited access to resources and struggle to maintain pace with the look-and-feel of contemporary website design and technologies.

Ovus & Ater prioritizes and refreshes discrete sections and pages (to include imagery, copy and headlines) within your school or program’s current online platforms in order to reflect (1) your positioning, (2) Ovus & Ater’s analysis of your platforms’ user behavior, and (3) your school or program’s current SEO strategy or a new strategy developed in collaboration with Ovus & Ater.

Fixed Fees

Ovus & Ater’s total fees will never exceed the annual tuition of one student enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral program at your school.

This fixed, predictable, and client-focused pricing model enables clear forecasting on your return on investment (ROI).